Self-priming pumps

Our pumps are designed and manufactured under the standards of IA Standards 3A.

Liquid ring pump.
• Turbine type impeller, made of 31 6L stainless steel, complying with the standards established by 3A.
• Its single and double mechanical seal comes with a wave spring to allow reversibility.
• Ideal for loading and unloading applications with the same equipment.
• The SP Series pump is interchangeable and 100% hydraulically and dimensionally compatible with Fristam's FZX series.
• They can work with aerated products without cavitation, due to the design of their turbine-type impeller and the very close tolerances of separation between the casing / impeller I covered that they do not get to be greater than 0.008 inches.
• Ideal for CIP return applications.
• It can operate with viscous fluids up to 3000 cPs and has a suction capacity of up to 20 feet.
• Flow: 200 gpm.
• Pressure: 190ff
• Viscosity: 3,000 cPs.
• Temperature: 120 ° C.

• To tanks and containers.
• For the total evacuation of solutions during the CIP cycle.
• Eliminates residual water from containers and pipes.
• Reduces the amount of water and cleaning chemicals and eliminates the need for waste suction.

• Ice cream mix with 17% air.
• Chocolate syrup (international mix).
• Yeast injection in wort line.

• Whole eggs.
• Yeast transfer.
• Yogurt mix